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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Velvet Pumpkins

So luscious and plump!  The first time I saw them, I had to have.

So I purchased one from Rachel Ashwell's 
Shabby Chic Couture website.
There were three sizes, all for sale at 75% off 
with free shipping!
Well, naturally.....

So I chose this beauty.  
Superb quality! It seems to be stuffed with sand.
And, oh, that stem!

Well, one was not enough, but I couldn't afford to buy many,
and most that I found for sale just weren't the colors I wanted.

So I searched online for a "how-to" and happily found 
great instructions at a delightful blog, "Nest of Posies."

Pumpkin stems are very hard to find, 
but I managed to find some short ones. 
M pumpkins are stuffed 
with fiberfill and dry beans (for weight).
I splurged on gorgeous silk velvet,  
which can be purchased as fat quarters or by the 1/2 yard at:  

 These lovelies stay out all year round!

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