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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wintry White Cake

I saw this cake in "Southern Living" magazine, 
which won first prize this year.

It's called "Mrs. Billett's White Cake", 
and the recipe can be found here:  

It looked delicious, but I was taken by its beauty.  
So I decided to make one.

My cake turned out a bit different (not a surprise).  I didn't cover the cake with fondant, as the magazine version did, so the effect isn't the same, but I kind of like the difference.  I don't like that it's not as snow-white, but I do like the effect of "peaks," like little snowdrifts under the big snowflakes. 

I was only able to find one snowflake cookie cutter (in a Wilton pre-packaged box to make peppermint bark), so I only had one size.  If I'd decided to do this sooner, I'd have had time to order different sized snowflake cutters online.

I used the tips from an icing decorator kit and an X-acto knife to create more elaborate shapes than the ones in the magazine, and I was happy with that.  It was great fun to make, though a lot of time involved.

And it really was delicious!  The icing was over-the-top sweet, 
but the cake was incredibly rich and moist. 

My snowflakes

My finished cake! 


And now I'm inspired to try a Spring flower cake in a couple of months!

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  1. Oh the lucky ones who were able to take in the sight, smell and taste of this divine snowflake cake! Brilliant!!